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We are TICA Registered Serval Cat Breeders and U.S.D.A. Breeder’s License issued under the Animal Welfare Act and a current U.S.D.I.-U.S. Fish & Wildlife- Federal Import/Export Permit. The Serval Cat is an independent, intelligent, and active animal. They are not social animals and do not enjoy being handled by humans.

We take pride in taking on the obligation to give all of our animals the best possible care. In order to provide for the sale of an animal of the greatest caliber, we hold ourselves to the highest standards within each of our breeding programs. 

Our top priorities throughout our many years of expertise rearing animals have always been the welfare, health, and physical and mental stimulation of every animal in our care.

Serval Cat Hybrid Breeder

A domestic cat and an African Serval, a wild cat, are crossed to create a serval cat. In the US, servals in general are regarded as exotic creatures.


To spread knowledge about these rare felines, the Serval Cat Club of America was founded. This website provides comprehensive details on breeding, upkeep, personality traits, and other topics.


The following information is required in order to breed serval cats in the USA.

Caracal lynx Male/Female.

2 months old : $8,000.00
3-4 months : $6,500.00

F1 Savannah cat Male/Female

2 months old : $12,000.00
3-4 months : $9,500.00

Asian small-clawed otters Male/Female

2 months old : $5,200.00
3-4 months : $4,500.00

capuchin monkey Male/Female

2 months old : $7,500.00
3-4 months : $6,000.00

Squirrel monkey Male/Female

2 months old : $7,500.00
3-4 months : $6,000.00

Finger monkey Male/Female

2 months old : $5,000.00
3-4 months : $4,000.00

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