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F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

What is F1 Savannah Cat?

F1 Savannah Cat - Savannah cat for sale

The F1 Savannah Cat is the product of a cross between a domestic cat and an African Serval. It can be hard to distinguish a first-generation Savannah cat from a Serval since they have the most genetics from it.

Both cats are tall, slender and covered in spots. A F1 Savannah cat will tend to be larger than other generations as well as more muscular because they have the most African Serval genetics. F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

The F1 Savannah cat breed is a relatively new species of domesticated kitty cats. It only became popular within the last 30 years and has grown in popularity ever since. Until the 1990s, this breed wasn’t found in most households, though its popularity has increased dramatically since then. F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

Lifespan: 12-20 years

Weight: 12-25 pounds

Exercise: High

Hypoallergenic: No

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F1 Savannah Cat

What is F1?

F1 is simply a technical term used to describe the specific type of cat. The letter F stands for Filial Cat, meaning that this is a crossbred cat rather than a purebred or 100% domesticated cat. This label also signifies the type of Savannah cat at one generation removed from its serval ancestor. F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

An F1 Savannah is typically produced when mating an African Serval with any of several fixed-breed domestic cats, which are often of Siamese heritage.

Result come with 50% domestic and 50% African serval. F1 Savannah Cat – Savannah cat for sale

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F1 Savannah cat Appearance:

F1 Savannah Cat - Savannah cat for saleSavannah cats measure about 5 to 6 feet in height on average. They are quite large and tend to be particularly slender felines with long tails. Part of the reason why Savannahs have such a lovely disposition is due to their large expressive eyes and very oversized ears. The F1 Savannahs in particular reach up to 6 feet in length when fully matured, which is often around 3 or 4 years old, with an F2 being just a fraction shorter at around 5 feet in length.

The coat of a Male or Female Savannah cat can be warm golden orange tones or cool silver tones depending on the type of domesticated cat it was bred with. Golden orange tones are the most common but it is possible to find Savannah cats that are prominently black and white in coloration.

Savannah cats tend to be slim and lean and they don’t measure up to what they look like they may weigh. Female Savannah cats commonly weigh between 10 and 17 pounds while male Savannah cats can often tip the scales at around 20 to 25 pounds.

F1 Savannah cats are on the heavier side due to their genetic makeup; they are 50% African Serval which are larger than regular domesticated cats. F1 is always more expensive than the other cat breeds because of the amount of serval in its bloodline. This generation of F1 Savannah kittens can be categorized through letters/numbers beginning with “F”. Majority of the time, these kittens will either be backcrossed with another domestic breed or another past generation of F1’s.

F1 Savannah  cat Temperament and Behavior:

Savannah cats are known to have a bit of a wild side to them. Some Savannah cats have been said to have been the result of crossbreeding between a domestic housecat and a Serval. In fact, this particular cat is said to be around 50% Serval. Now, if we look at it from one perspective, Savannahs tend to fall more towards the wild end of the spectrum as far as their activities and behaviors go.

Remember, an F1 Savannah cat is about 50% serval. This means the cat will stay wild (almost exactly half) and domestic (almost exactly half) in their activity and bonding to humans. Sometime get nervous with stranger.

Since the F1 Savannah Cat has a kind heart they are more than happy to get along with other animals, particularly dogs. They will allow children and loved ones to pet them but it is not something they enjoy. This loveable breed of cat prefers to find high places out of reach to rest, hide away or relax.

F1 Savannah Cats are also more likely to get sick due to their sensitivity so you will have to watch out for them whenever they are around dirt or other material that might cause them harm.

The F1 Savannah cat has a lot of energy in their bodies and in order for them not to become restless in the home you will need make sure there is plenty of space and things to keep them entertained. They also likes to play with toys.

F1 savannah cat for sale

F1 Savannah cat Diet and Health:

Nutrition requirements for Savannahs are the same as that of a domestic cat. Keeping your cat fed is essential. You want to make sure that they stay healthy but eating the wrong foods can make it hard to grow correctly. Savannah cats are especially prone to health issues if they are not fed proper meals regularly. They don’t require a raw meat diet, but feeding them with cheap filler-filled products could lead them to become malnourished because cheap foods have been known to cause diarrhea, weight loss, and even cancer.

Because Savannah cats grow so quickly, fiber is essential to prevent bowel problems. Their diets must contain high amounts of nutrients, and it’s also important not to skimp on food quality when seeking the best diet for your Savannah feline. Work with your veterinarian and breeder to determine what frequency of meals is best for your cat.

F1 Savannah cat Reproduction:

F1 generation Savannahs are very difficult to produce. Gestation periods Serval and a Savannah is different (75 days for a Serval and 65 days for a Savannah cat) and chromosomes. It’s almost as though the two cats do not live in the same world and that their worlds don’t intersect.

Female Savannahs suffer from pseudo-pregnancies during their cycles. During this time, the female’s nipples will become enlarged and secrete milk. Pregnancy rarely occurs in these cats when they are not mated, but the symptoms of pseudo-pregnancy closely mirror the real thing. The gestation period for a Male Savannah is usually about 69 days, while a Female Savannah cat typically has her kittens between 62 and 66 days after conception.

F1 savannah cat for sale texas.

F1 Savannah cat Generation:

Generations refer to pairings of a parent and offspring, and they tell us a lot about a cat. In the case of the Savannah, almost every pairing has Serval in its heritage! We know that’s something you want to know if you’re thinking about becoming a breeder. Stud males can become fertile as early as 10% Exotic Heritage. In order to avoid out-crossing with other breeds, The breed moved from experimental status to championship status in 2012, meaning that “Purebred Savannah Cats” can be shown at TICA cat shows. F1 Savannah cat Generation

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