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Asian small clawed otter for sale


Asian small clawed otter for sale

The smallest of the 13 otter species, Asian small-clawed otters are indigenous to Asia. These sociable, intelligent animals, though well suited to life in the water, spend the majority of their time on land.

Asian small clawed otter body Description 

These otters typically have gray, white, or cream-colored patterns on the face and throat and have fur that is lighter below and darker above. Their claws do not extend past their digital pads, as implied by their name, and they have webbed feet. Asian small clawed otters for sale, asian short clawed otter, asian short clawed otters, asian small claw otter

Asian small clawed otter Size

The smallest of the 13 otter species, measuring up to two feet (61 centimeters) long, with a tail that is between 10 and 14 inches (25 and 35 centimeters) long and less than 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) long.

Asian small clawed otter Local Habitat

Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, southern India, and southern China are all home to Asian small-clawed otters. These otters reside in mangroves, marshes, rice fields, seashores, tiny streams, rivers, and rivers. Three additional otter species also live in the same area as them:

Asian small clawed otter Communication

The vocal Asian small-clawed otter has a vocal repertoire of at least twelve different calls. Contact, summons, welcome, threat, and alarm calls are all made through vocalizations, which can be triggered visually, chemically, or through tactile cues including social grooming, hormone shifts, and posturing.

Scent marks are a crucial part of communication for these otters. Otters emanate a highly musky aroma from paired scent glands at the base of their tails that can be used to define territory and convey information about identification, sex, sexual receptivity, and the amount of time between scenting visits. To spread this knowledge, they frequently urinate or spray in public restrooms. Asian small clawed otter for sale, asian small clawed otter, asian small clawed otter for sale, asian small clawed otter lifespan

Asian small clawed otter Diet Patterns

Otters mostly eat crabs and mollusks in the wild, although they will also consume fish, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. The forepaws of Asian small-clawed otters are used to locate and catch prey instead of their mouths. They have a lot of physical dexterity thanks to the incomplete webbing between their toes.

They have delicate digital pads that aid in their ability to detect food under rocks or in murky water. At the shoreline, they search for different kinds of shellfish (clams and mussels) and crabs by digging in the sand and dirt. Either the shell is manually crushed to release the meat or the shells are heated by the sun. Their strong, wide teeth are ideal for crushing shells.

Asian small clawed otter Diet Patterns in Captivity

Small fish like smelt and capelin, canned feline diet, kibble, and a prepared meat meal known as Natural Balance are provided to Asian small-clawed otters. Asian small clawed otters are fed cat food that contains chemicals that prevent the development of kidney stones since, like domestic cats, they are prone to kidney stone development. Crabs, mussels, clams, mealworms, crickets, live crayfish, and live goldfish are also fed to the animals as enrichment.

Otters have a very fast metabolism, giving them endless energy, but a meal only takes a few hours to pass through their systems. They are fed numerous times during the day as a result. It feeds on molluscs, crabs and other small aquatic animals. Asian small clawed otter for sale, asian small clawed otter pet, asian small clawed otter price, asian small clawed otter size

Asian small clawed otter social rrganization

This species, which can live in family groups of up to 15 to 20, is sociable. They hunt alone even though they dwell in groups. asian small-clawed otter pet

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Asian small clawed otter for sale

Asian small clawed otter reproduction and growth
Small-clawed otters begin displaying breeding behavior at around six months old, despite the fact that they typically don’t reach sexual maturity until they are one and a half years old. The best breeding takes place between 1.5 and 3 years of age. When fully grown, they can reproduce all year long. Asian clawed otter, asian clawed otters, asian otter

They create holts, or nesting burrows, into the muddy banks where they reside. The female’s 28-day estrous cycle includes a three-day estrus period. Females give birth to a litter of one to six pups after a gestation period of 68 to 72 days. Two litters of puppies are typically born each year, 8 or 9 months apart. All members of the family group help feed and care for the young.

Asian small clawed otter for sale
Asian small clawed otter for sale

Asian small clawed otter Lifespan 

Asian small-clawed otters can live up to 12 years in captivity, and some can live for up to 20 years. Unknown lifespan in the wild. asian small clawed otter for sale, asian otter pet, asian otters, asian river otters

Status: Vulnerable, RED LIST

aliases include ash otter, Asian short-clawed otter, and oriental small-clawed otter.

hazards include pet trafficking, pollution, overfishing, habitat degradation, and poaching.

65 to 94 cm (body 40-63 cm; tail 25-35 cm) size: 2 to 5 kg. Asian otters for sale

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