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Savannah Cat Price – How Much Will This Cat Really Cost?

Savannah Cat Price

How Much Will This Cat Really Cost?

Many people are browsing online for an average Savannah cat price because the breed has a striking appearance.

This breed, which is a cross between an African serval and a domestic house cat, has a distinctive appearance that makes many people fall in love with it right away.

However, individuals who have even a little knowledge of this breed learn fast that the cost of kittens can range widely, from $1,000 to almost $20,000.

Savannah Cat Price
Savannah Cat Price - How Much Will This Cat Really Cost? 5

Savannah Cat Price – How Much Will This Cat Really Cost?

This essay aims to explain why this is the case as well as what you should be prepared to pay for any particular kitten belonging to this breed.

NOTE: At the time of writing, all costs represent average advertised costs for kittens from reputable breeders (As from 2018).

What Does a Savannah Cat Cost?
The cost of a Savannah cat can vary widely from kitten to kitten for a variety of reasons.

Any Savannah cat’s filial number is the first aspect that greatly influences price.

This is the distance between them and the closest known serval ancestor.[5] 

An F1 Savannah cat, for instance, will be the result of the cross’s first generation. They will have half serval DNA because they are the offspring of a serval and a domestic house cat.

In the generations that follow, Savannah cats are bred with both other domestic cats and Savannah cats. As a result, the genetic makeup of the cat becomes more and more diluted over time.

An F3 Savannah Cat, for instance, is two generations removed from an F1 Savannah Cat. Since the great-grandparent of these kittens was a serval, this generation has a lower proportion of serval DNA.
Savannah Cat Price - How Much Will This Cat Really Cost? 6

The Price of Savannah Cats and Gender
The gender is another element that influences the price.

Savannah, a man Cats frequently suffer from hybrid infertility in the first generations of the cross.

A fertile male won’t likely be born until the fourth or fifth generation down.[7]

Because only females in the F1, F2, and F3 generations have breeding value, their price is substantially higher than that of males.

Cost of a Savannah Cat: Show Cats vs. Pet Grade (Average Cost of a Savannah Cat)
Conformity to the breed standard is the final element that could have an impact on price.

Since forecasting show quality at kitten age is somewhat of a gamble, this tends to have a smaller impact on price than the filial number or gender, but it still has an impact.

Cats that win shows and kittens born to show cats will fetch higher prices than kittens born to typical pet cats.

F1 savannah cat
Savannah Cat Price - How Much Will This Cat Really Cost? 7

Savannah Cat PriceAverage Cost of a Savannah Cat

F1 Savannah Cat-The most expensive cat is the F1 Savannah Cat.

A guy can cost between $12,000 and $16,000, while a girl can cost between $15,000 and $20,000 per person.

Because it is truly quite challenging to successfully breed an F1 Savannah cat, costs are extremely high.

Many attempts to cross-breed a domestic cat with a serval result in stillbirths or infant deaths.

As a result, it may be difficult to find an F1 Savannah cat for sale. [7]

This is especially true for female Savannah cats, which are rarely for sale because many breeders keep them for breeding purposes.

This generation’s Savannah cats tend to be the tallest. Savannah Cat Price

Due to their high wild serval DNA content, they have a temperament that is fairly wild.

Savannah Cats F1
F1 males typically weigh 17 to 25 pounds and stand between 15 and 19 inches tall (to the shoulder). F1 Savannahs typically measure 20 to 25 inches in length. Due to the amount of wild Serval that has been bred into F1 Savannahs, they are unquestionably the most extreme of all the levels. Having said that, they are more easier to control than wild cats or other hybrids.

Characteristics of an F1 Savannah
Most of the time, these cats only develop close bonds with their own family. Although they are not aggressive toward people, if they are not socialized from an early age, they will avoid interacting with people.

Unsocialized F1 savannahs will avoid visitors in your home, and if they come out of hiding, they will probably be perched up high and far from the action. You may not even be aware that the cat is there.

While an F1 with excellent social skills will be kind to others. Normally, they aren’t very good lap cats, but ours are! Because of their tremendous amount of energy, they frequently play around. The only time you might run into issues with them not using their litter box is if they’re upset or attempting to communicate with you.

F2 Savannah Cat price

The F2 Savannah Cat is descended from servals and possesses a sizable proportion of serval DNA.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as reducing the percentage every time to determine how much serval DNA will be present in each following generation.

This results from a breeding technique known as back-crossing, which involves mating Savannah cats from various filial generations, each of which has a variable percentage of serval DNA. Part of this is due to the element of chance in heredity.

The F2 Savannah cats are typically more domesticated and sociable than the F1 Savannah cats. They are often only 1-2 inches smaller than the F1 on average.

They cost between $4000 and 8000, with females from this generation potentially costing as much as $9000-$10000.

F3 Savannah Cat Price

According to popular opinion, F3 Savannah Cats combine the domestic and sociable traits of a typical domestic cat with the appearance of the F1 and F2.

They do, however, lose some of the wild, autonomous characteristics of the earlier generations, which many people admire.

If you have children, this generation and later are often advised.

The cost of an F3 Savannah Cat will often range from $2000 to $4000.

The generation of male Savannah cats may be fertile for the first time, however this is still rare.

F4 Savannah Cat Price

Normally, Serval makes up about 15% of F4 Savannah cats. Their physical attributes have a considerably more domestic cat-like appearance, and so does their temperament.

The typical price range for male F4 kittens is between $1,000 and $2,500.
The normal price range for female F4 kittens is between $1,000 and $2,000.

F5 Savannah Cat Price

The most similar to domestic cats are F5 cats, which often include 11–12% Serval. While they still resemble Savannahs, domestic cats far more closely resemble their body structure. Shorter and bulkier describe them.

Typically, the price of a male F5 kitten is between $1,000 and $5,000. (for breeders).
The normal price range for female F5 kittens is between $1,000 and $2,000.

Another factor is the difficulty of effectively breeding F1 Savannah cat generations. Furthermore, there aren’t many litters from this generation.

Savannah Cat for sale in USA
Savannah Cat Price - How Much Will This Cat Really Cost? 8

Why Do Savannah Cats Cost So Much? Factors Affecting the Price of Savannah Cats

The cost of a cat is influenced by a variety of elements. These often include the cat’s breed, the repute of the breeder, the color of its coat, and its age.

While most felines share this trait, Savannahs’ tale is a little bit different.

Here is a detailed analysis of the various elements influencing Savannah cat costs:

Generation Influence: A Savannah cat’s generation is arguably the most important element influencing its price. F1 Savannahs have a wild African Serval progenitor, which makes them 50% wild cats. In comparison to earlier generations of Savannahs, they are therefore likely to resemble the attractive appearance of the African Serval cat. As generations pass, the fraction of “exotic traits” imparted by Serval DNA in a Savannah cat decreases, and they begin to resemble domestic cats more. Consider the F3 Savannah, for example.

Gender Influence: The price of female Savannahs is higher than that of their male counterparts. This is because to the common occurrence of hybrid infertility in males. Because of this, breeders cannot utilize them for breeding. Therefore, it benefits breeders to sell males rapidly. F1 savannah cat for sale

Cost of Breeding Influence: Since half of Savannah cats are wild cats, breeding them requires a significant financial commitment. An African Serval cat must first be purchased by a breeder, which can cost up to $6,500. In addition, the breeder must obtain licenses in order to breed wild African Serval cats. Breeding different generations, like the F2 Savannah, is arduous in addition to all of them. An additional $5,000 to $10,000 may be needed for this.

Height Influence: The Savannah cat’s towering height is one of its most coveted characteristics. Unexpectedly, these cats have the ability to reach a height comparable to a small dog. For this reason, several breeders charge more money for taller Savannah cats. savannah cat for sale

Breeder’s Reputation Influence: A Savannah cat breeder’s reputation is the outcome of their protracted and trustworthy history. A competent breeder will have full breeding authorization and health assurances in place for all of their kittens. It is not advisable to get a Savannah cat from backyard breeders, even though it is feasible to do so for a great deal.

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