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Serval cat for sale

The Serval cat (Leptailurus Serval) is a medium-sized African wild cat. It is closely related to the African golden cat and the caracal. Found only in the forests of sub-Saharan Africa, this graceful feline enjoys hunting birds and rodents.

The African Serval’s ability to jump extraordinarily high for its size has been widely reported, as have its loud cries, which have been mistaken for those of a lion or a hyena.

Size of Serval cat:

The size of a serval and savannah cat is similar. Servals are the largest of the African spotted cats and average between 13-36 pounds, with the males being more significant than the females. A savannah will weigh on average from 15-25 pounds, with some hybrid breeds weighing more or less on either end of that spectrum.

Savannah cats range from 16-20 inches in size at the shoulders, while servals can reach heights of 25-30 inches. Interestingly enough, a male savannah can weigh more than a female serval. Serval Cat for sale

Diet Serval cat:

Serval Cat for sale

Serval Cat for sale

Servals usually find something to eat in the African savanna, so it’s hard to replicate this precisely. You might not have access to everything Africa has to offer servals, but rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, insects, and lizards will usually do the trick as a varied protein source. Serval Cat for sale

Your Serval should be given whole prey to eat at least once a day but don’t panic if your Serval chokes on its food due to over-eating or possibly just swallowing too much air. If that happens, it may try to re-eat the regurgitated food after burping up the new food, which is just what wild servals do.

Servals are highly intelligent cats. When feeding them, make sure to engage their senses with some puzzle games that will make them think about obtaining or providing food for themselves. Engaging more of their senses will help keep them more mentally stimulated and satisfied!

Adding something more into their diet like Mazuri’s Carnivore Supplement for Whole Prey can be a healthy way to ensure your Serval gets the nutrition they need to support their active body functions. We recommend supplementing with it once every week at the most so as not to overtax this vital part of their diet during mealtime.

Behavior of Serval cat:

The Serval is the only cat in the world capable of jumping into trees. The Serval has an unmistakable appearance – slim yet tall, with long legs and very large ears. Servals are dedicated to acrobatics – they’re able because of their unusually strong muscle development.

The long legs make it possible for servals to see over tall grasses when hunting. It looks like they also hunt birds! The predator pounces on them like a leopard but makes fewer accurate attacks (especially when hunting by itself). The Serval’s extraordinary leap has given rise to many sensational stories about giant spotted cats roaming the savannahs of Africa. Serval Cat for sale

The Serval also hunts by other means. The Serval will dig into the dens of other wild cats and other mammals. They have been observed digging their way to a honey badger, a creature that is pretty much as tough as nails, and then waiting until they came out for food.

They then took care of them quickly. These hunting methods are very distinct from those typical for other large predators because they reveal extraordinary patience, which is rare in this part of the animal kingdom.

Female servals tend to be highly territorial and do not often lend their services for the good of the species. There is a common misconception that female servals tend to be more promiscuous than their male counterparts – but in fact, they are not. Serval Cat for sale

It’s true, however, that these territories are rarely shared either by other serval cats or even by their own kind. Males will typically cover more extensive ranges than females since they have no fixed territory. As mentioned earlier, there is very little social interaction between this felid, outside of mating purposes.

Reproduction of Serval cat:

The gestation period for a female serval is 66 – 77 days, approximately three months. At birth, the kittens are about 260 grams in weight. The eyes are open at about nine days of age. By four weeks, the kittens are eating solid foods, and at one year old, they leave their natal range to find their own territory.

A serval can live up to 12-20 years in captivity, but the average lifespan is much shorter in the wild due to predation by larger animals, including lions and hyenas.

Serval small African cats
regular cat breed with African serval is called what.

Domesticated serval African wild cat.

Appearance of Serval cat:

The head of the Serval appears very small, with their ears marked by even larger black lines and spots reminiscent of a bat. Servals are slender cats known for their long necks, which has given them the nickname “giraffe cat” with long legs to match. Servals have a powerful soft white belly contrasting with their tawny coat marked in both black lines and spots.

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Vaccination of Serval cat:

Kittens should start getting vaccinations at a young age, starting at 6-8 weeks old. The initial series of shots should be done by 16 weeks old or about four months old. Get a booster a year later, and then continue with the boosters every 1-3 years, depending on the vaccine used for the feline. Serval Cat for sale

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