Safari Exotic African Serval Cats

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Before we can start the documentation processes, we accept a 40 percent advance payment for the preparation of the legal documents mentioned above, such as veterinary, airport fees, and flights of animals, 20 percent upon presentation of the documents and 40 percent after the owner receives the animal.

Terms & conditions

With all of this, it is clear that transferring any of these animals won’t be simple, especially considering that they are all accompanied by legal paperwork that has been certified by the United States’ breeding counsel. We work with international airlines such as KLM Airlines, UPS, etc. to deliver our animals. They help us to make home deliveries for our customers who do not live near the airports.

The Price allocation include the following (Total cost of animals)
* Sterilization and castration each request animal (if need be & depending on clients choice)
* Implementation of microchips
* Age Appropriate vaccination and deworming
* Health certificate
* Lifetime Support
* Written Warranty 2 years health certificate from the Ministry.
* The test of feline leukemia and F.I.V
* Stool Test

Then to top it all, bellow are the most needed documents that must be made available to clients(after first or initial deposit is received) before the animal can take off from US.*******

– CITES Permit
– The health certificate 2 years warranty
– Veterinary Record
– Certified pedigree
– The transfer of ownership certificate.
– Pets passports.
– Sales contract a Certified by the Board of Livestock here.

Terms & Conditions

To stop all the problems that arise with the illegal export of these exotic animals worldwide, we ensure that all our animals leave our cattery with all necessary paperwork kennel. With all the legal paperwork, you can own your animal anywhere in the world. These legal paper works include the above mentioned we must provide before transportation of any exotic animal to your home address or airport.


The animals are sold as they are born in the same order that the deposit was received, and a deposit ensures your place in line on the waiting list. Additionally, the purchaser is in charge of collecting all necessary licences or licenses for owning any animals sold by Valley Stables & Exotics in their particular region, if necessary. None of the animals we breed and sell are prohibited from being kept as pets by any federal legislation in the United States.

All payments are to be made before paperwork, shipping and delivery.

For locals, a secure deposit is required before pick up.

Your full name, address, contact information, and the gender of the kitten you want to adopt should all be included with your deposit.


We have a 72 hours refund policy for all buyers whom in one way or the other have a change of mind in purchasing the kitten/cat. All refunds are paid the same way in which the payment was made.


You get a 100% refund.

Terms & Conditions


All papers are up to date.

You get health insurance guarantee for all kitten(s) available for adoption.

The pet courier service will deliver the kitten/cat at your doorstep where you get to sign all necessary papers :-[License Permit, Adoption certificate, Health Insurance, Refund Guarantee Papers, Pedigree Certification]

We firmly believe that animal sales should be conducted under a documented contract. This is done to safeguard both the SELLER and the BUYER. Our standard contract is listed below. Of course, adjustments can be required to take into account a particular circumstance. If we say something, it will be in writing.