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Before we adopted RZA, formerly known as Sage Sprite, we were told that while she didn’t have much early socialization with people, she loved every cat she met. We knew right then that it would be 100% worth it to gain this shy cat’s trust because she would be the perfect friend for our other cat in his golden years.
It took her a little while (and a lot of treats) to come out of her shell around us and it has been so great to see her personality shine. She and our other cat became fast friends. I don’t think I’ll get over how sweet they were together.
She even sleeps on my pillow and demands attention. She went from being shy and quiet to talkative and playful. You would’ve never guessed she used to be afraid of people! We are so grateful to have RZA in our life and can’t believe it’s only been a year. It feels like she’s been a part of the family for much longer.”
Josh Williams
We absolutely love having Peter, and we want to thank you guys for this I definitely had to give you guys a positive review! He is so full of energy, loves to play and climb, and has such a goofy personality. He loves kisses and cuddles, but of course like most sassy cats, only when he wants! We are hoping to adopt a sister for him soon! Adopting him was the best choice. Without this organization, we wouldn’t have our fur baby!
Joycelyne Suarez
Safari needs to conduct background checks on your cats because Angie is a thief! She has stolen my heart & the hearts of all who have met her. After a few days of hanging out in the back of our dark closet, then moving to under the bed, and finally under the sofa in our TV room, Angie now hangs out with us like a family member. She has excellent table manners…and is a great “watch cat” as well! We love her so much!
Angela Simmons
Winston (full name is Sir Winston Jefferson – lol) is doing great! He has the funniest/weirdest little personality… he still wakes me up everyday with a meow and a paw to the face followed by him laying on me and purring. Nothing makes him happier than treats or his brush! I am so happy I get to love this fluffy guy every day!!
Daniel Church
Milo is doing great! He is the most lovable cat I’ve ever met. He loves to cuddle and is super talkative! He loves sitting by the window and claimed the love seat as his “Chunk Island” and he takes his naps there everyday. In the beginning he would cry a lot at night, almost meowing “MOM”. But once he got more comfortable in his new home he has been so much better at night. He doesn’t sleep, but that’s okay he’s my little body guard. He’s great around other people and dogs. He’s so chill and so friendly.
My boyfriend & I love him very much and he’s definitely happy in his new home 🙂
Thank you for all your help and being so accommodating through this process.
Kerry Madison
Simon is doing great! We fall more in love with him every day – he has such a fantastic personality and we can’t get enough of him. He really completes our little family. Snoop and I wake up every morning around 7 (although he wakes up at 5 most mornings) and after his breakfast we have some play time. John joins us for some coffee, treats, and play time before John and I head to work and Snoop keeps run of the apartment. He greats us each evening when we get home from work and we enjoy more fetch time and lounging. He loves to sit on all the window sills and check out the out doors. He’s ventured out onto the balcony several times and is continuing to get more comfortable being out there (he’s still a bit nervous but clearly wants to check things out). He curls up next to us at night, either with his head on the pillow next to mine or at mine and John’s feet. He’s friendly with everyone who comes over and likes to be right in the middle of the action. We seriously think we got “the best” cat! John and I feel so lucky he chose us that day at the cafe. He’s such a joy in our life.
Mia Yan
Bobis is doing great, we have since moved and she has made herself at home. She’s taken ownership of a few key areas around the house, couch, by the window. She’s in good health and has integrated well with my other cats but she’s definitely a people cat and is usually following one of us round the house talking as she goes.
Albert Green
Things have been going so well with Tinsley, she truly is such a sweet cat and my husband and myself absolutely adore her. She made herself right at home the moment we got her. Tinsley is super affectionate and loves being a lap cat. Everyday when we get home from work, she’s ready at the door to greet us! (So sweet) she truly was the missing piece to our family. We are in the process of purchasing our first home and can’t wait for Tinsley to explore her new digs. We often think of adopting another kitty friend for her and wonder how she would adjust to having a friend to keep her company? Thank you again for everything you guys do for these cats. It’s simply amazing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have Tinsley.
Megan Richards


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